Steve German Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steve German (Steve German Photography) Thu, 04 Jun 2020 21:36:00 GMT Thu, 04 Jun 2020 21:36:00 GMT Steve German Photography: Blog 82 120 Angels Catholic Herald Magazine page. Elsa Ceccato grateful for all involved with her hospice care.The Catholic Herald Magazine of Sacramento lead page for a story on Elsa Ceccato and her hospice care. In the photo, Elsa poses with her daughter, Ann Noel, at Elsa's home in Woodland, California. Elsa passed away in September 2019, shortly before the article was published.

In the summer of 2019, I had the privilege of photographing Elsa Ceccato with her daughter and her caregiver at her home in Woodland, California, for a Catholic Herald Magazine story on hospice. The day I visited Elsa along with writer Lynette Magnino, she was accompanied by her daughter Ann Noel, and receiving hospice care from nurse Patty Zavala. Elsa was bright and alert, but clearly tiring easily. Elsa passed away in September in the company of her family, shortly before the story appeared in the magazine.

In 2020, several months into the Covid19 pandemic, I found myself reviewing the story about Elsa. It made me think about all the people in the past months who have had to die alone due to concerns over spreading the virus. Hopefully we can soon return to a time when death can come in the comfort of our families, as it did for Elsa.

Top photo: Elsa rests under her photos reflecting family memories.
Above two photos: Hospice nurse Patty checks Elsa's vital signs.
Below: Patty chats with Elsa, while Ann's dog stands by.
Bottom: Patty leaves Elsa's home after a pleasant visit.

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It's all in your head: Visualization in black-and-white A view of the eastern Sierra foothills, from Owens Valley, California.

An ancient bristlecone pine tree appears to reach toward the clouds in the White Mountains of California. The black-and-white photograph is a classic way to view our environment. Compositions are distilled to their basic elements of light and shadow. In the days of film photography, we loaded our cameras with black-and-white film, and got used to the idea of previewing our monochromatic scenes in our heads while shooting. Working digitally, the option to make an image black-and-white has most often become a post process choice. While it is wonderful to have more creative options available for processing photos, something is lost from the immediacy of making decisions at the time of actually taking the picture. When I am out shooting landscapes, I try to keep in mind the possibility of black-and-white, imagining how a scene would look in it's most elemental photographic form.

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